FEATURED | The Beefy Boys and Powerhouse launch free acting classes

The Beefy Boys have announced they’re joining forces with Powerhouse Academy in 2019 to provide free high-quality acting training in Hereford.

Looking for individuals aged 18 to 35 from across the county, Powerhouse will provide twelve free places for those who wish to develop acting and performance skills.

Tim Evans, Artistic Director of Powerhouse, described The Beefy Boys sponsored placements as “a much needed boost for young creative talent in the county.”

“There’s a real energy in the area at the moment. A lot of creative talent with a lot of ideas. It’s essential to enable that talent, and to provide opportunities for creative development right here in Herefordshire.”

The Beefy Boys are no strangers to performance themselves. Anthony Murphy and Christian Williams say they gained an invaluable creative education by being part of Hereford’s theatre scene over the years.

The restaurant also has a popular web series. ‘The Devil’s Cookbook’ is part documentary, part horror-comedy, and follows their various adventures at World Food Championships in America. It starred Tim’s brother, Alex, who died in 2017, and it’s through the Alex Evans Fund that this exciting sponsorship has been made possible.

Powerhouse has been running classes since February 2018.

The courses exist to provide affordable training in live and digital performance, and form part of

Powerhouse’s long-term vision of a vibrant theatre and performance culture in Herefordshire.

The acting sessions will take place weekly over a two month period, starting 13th March. The course is suitable for beginners, as well as those with experience.

Applications are open from 27th February to 6th March.

To apply for one of the free places go to powerhouse-academy.co.uk