LIFESTYLE | Herefordshire residents are more active thanks to the ActiveHERE project

The ActiveHERE project team are celebrating their success in encouraging thousands of residents to become more physically active.

The service has engaged over 17,000 residents and over 100 different physical activity providers across Herefordshire, enabling people to sample a wide variety of holistic and sporting activities. 1,284 of these participants were physically inactive before using the service and as a result of getting in touch with the ActiveHERE team have become active.

The 3 year initiative led by Herefordshire Council, was one of 33 independently-evaluated pilot projects to receive a share of £13.8m government funding through the Sport England ‘Get Healthy Get Active’ campaigns.

The project was designed to reduce the risk of preventable health conditions by supporting adults who are physically inactive to become active by sampling suitable local activities.

Herefordshire’s Director of Public Health, Karen Wright said: “We would like to thank everyone involved in the ActiveHERE project, including the project team and the participants who have helped to make the programme a fantastic success.

“Well done to those people who have successfully made changes to become more physically active, which will help them stay well for longer.

“Our team has been able to see first-hand the difference that activity can make to someone’s life, in particular to people that may not have exercised before or for a number of years.

“If you would like help to become more physically active, the ActiveHERE team are on hand to provide personalised support. They can help you to find suitable activities near to where you live and offer professional advice and support along the way to help you achieve your goals. To find out more about the activities available in your area or to book a free appointment call the team on 01432 383567 or visit and search for Active HERE.”

More information about the ActiveHERE project

An estimated 34,600 adults in Herefordshire were physically inactive in 2014. Evidence shows physical inactivity greatly increases the risk of developing health conditions including diabetes, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and cancer, and is also linked to reduced mental health and well-being.

Herefordshire Council received £174,640 from Sport England as one of their ‘Get Healthy, Get Active projects’, with an additional £80,000 from Herefordshire Council, plus support from Sports Partnership Herefordshire and Worcestershire and Herefordshire Council’s Healthy Lifestyle Service to implement the ActiveHERE project.

ActiveHERE was designed to reduce the risk of preventable health conditions by enabling inactive adults living in Herefordshire to engage with physical activity, including entry-level sporting activities.

The project was led by Herefordshire Council, and delivered by ignite CIC with support from the council’s healthy lifestyle trainer service.

The ActiveHERE service is open to all adults living in Herefordshire who are not currently taking part in physical activity. Contact with the service is completely free of charge, the only cost to the individual is the cost of the activity they select. However, some providers offer free taster sessions / reduced rates to ActiveHERE clients.

Since the launch of the ActiveHERE project in January 2016, 1,284 residents have taken part in physical activity as a result of using the signposting and support service and many have continued to be active.

The project was evaluated by Tiller Research Ltd.