1. Quotations are offered on a bespoke rate please e mail , or message for an advertising rate.
  2. Discounts are available for multiple adverts
  3. Adverts can be uploaded to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Website –
  4. There are no refunds to the client after an advert is uploaded
  5. We require the payment in advance before the advert is uploaded, we understand many businesses operate on a payment run, so would require the date we would expect to receive the payment.
  6. If the advert is go to go on the Your Herefordshire Facebook we will provide the engagement statistics within 5 days.
  7. The client needs to provide us with all the relevant information for the advert.
  8. The advert will naturally start at the top of our Facebook and Instagram, and will then naturally move down when other posts replace it
  9. We charge one fee for one advert
  10. We tend to schedule in posts, we are not responsible for any technical issues that Facebook or Instagram have which may hinder the advert
  11. We are not responsible if the advert doesn’t get the required reach you desire
  12. We will send you a draft copy of the advert before it is posted. The client is responsible for the advert literature
  13. if the client would like an Instagram story post, we will provide the engagement statistics within 1 day
  14. Payments to us for the advert can be made by cash or BACS transfer
  15. 100% non profit charity making events we will promote for free, but we need the information within 7 days
  16. Discounts are available for part charity, part profit events, Please message us for an advertising rate
  17. We will e mail you a copy of the invoice for Tax Purposes
  18. There is no guarantee a charity event will be uploaded on the Your Herefordshire Social Media Channels
  19. We will monitor the post as best we can, but we can’t monitor all comments on your advert
  20. If you have any complaints about an advert please e mail –

28th July 2019