FOOTBALL | Bulls director causes a stir after Twitter rant

Hereford FC Director George Webb has sparked anger with Bulls fans after a sarcastic tweet he aimed at a supporter.

Webb tweeted saying ‘We run this club for nothing, we give everything to this club and have to buy a season ticket to do so, if you were a season ticket holder I would have respect for you, we have fans who follow us through thick and thin, travel the country to support us they have my respect’

The tweet was in response to a supporter who had said they didn’t buy a season ticket due to being unable to attend every match and also not being able to ‘warm’ to the new management team.

Since the tweet, supporters of the club have been quick to point out to Webb that it is his choice to be in such a role and that his attitude could be a reason why fans may decide to stay away from Edgar Street.

This all comes as Bulls chairman Ken Kinnersley announced that he was retiring from his position as chairman of the club.

Are you a Hereford FC supporter? Do you agree with Webb?

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